Books & Articles

If you want to transform your organisation and would like techniques and knowledge to support you in this process you can consider reading ‘RETHINK – Growth and learning through coaching and organisational development’ edited by Natalie Cunningham and published by Knowres Publishing in 1994 in Randburg.

You would like to improve the performance of your personnel by developing a coaching culture? Consider reading “Best Practices in Performance Coaching” – A handbook for leaders, Coaches, HR professionals and organisations’ by Carol Wilson. This valuable book was published in 2007 by Kogan Page.

You are a leader and want to adopt a coaching style leadership? Make sure to read ‘Leadership Coaching for Results – Cutting-edge practices for coach and client’ by Sunny Stout-Rostron. This is another Proudly South-African work published by Knowres Publishing in 2014 in Randburg.

Are you interested in the foundation of coaching?

You should spend some time with the ground breaking work of John Whitmore – “Coaching for Performance – Grow human potential and purpose”. This master piece was published in 1992 by Nicholas Brealey Publishing in London.