Life Coaching

Every one of us has potential… more potential than we often realise. Life Coaching is all about bringing that untapped potential to the fore and helping you to be the best person you can possibly be – whether that means being more successful at work or in your family or personal life, or even silencing that voice in the back of your mind that constantly tells you that you are not fulfilled, happy or performing as well as you should.

Do I need life coaching? Consider the following:

  • I have no direction
  • I think I can do much better
  • I struggle to make decisions
  • I struggle to have a clear view on my priorities
  • I’m just not making it
  • I know what to do, but I’m not getting it done!?

If any of these applies to you, then I can help you to remove the stumbling blocks, delve deeper to understand the real issues at hand and formulate an action plan to address them.

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Executive / Leadership Coaching

Being a Senior Executive or leader in a corporate environment is a highly demanding task. Not only are you accountable for putting the right strategies and people in place, but the buck stops with you. This kind of pressure can make it feel pretty lonely at the top.

Executive/leadership coaching

  • I’m losing speed – on my way up every step seemed sure, now I’m not achieving results as quickly as I want to
  • I struggle to keep my team inspired, motivated and driven
  • I made a big mistake and I’m not sure how to deal with it
  • I find it difficult to take hard decisions
  • I am struggling to change the culture of my team
  • I feel like the rest of my management team or board is not supporting me
  • One of my colleagues are sabotaging me
  • My health is telling me to slow down, but I don’t want to appear weak
  • I’m feeling like it’s me against the world
  • I’ve got a moral conundrum
  • I get criticised for everything I do
  • The Board just doesn’t get it

Senior executives and leaders carry the responsibility of providing vision and strategy, setting standards and being the final responsible individual. With the right coaching, you can regain your eagerness for success and find it easier once again to make quick, effective decisions.

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Management Coaching

The corporate world offers many opportunities for growth – each level carrying its own unique pressures and responsibilities.
Whether you are just setting out on your managerial journey or already an experienced leader, the pressure and responsibilities that comes with being part of management can quickly extinguish your passion and leave you feeling lost in your role.

Will you benefit from Management Coaching?

Ask yourself whether one of more of the following statements may apply to you:

  • I struggle to motivate my staff
  • I rely on my staff, but I’m not getting the support I need from them
  • I am not supported by my superiors
  • My boss is bypassing me
  • My boss is an analyst/operational specialist and is micro-managing me
  • My boss is over-analytical and not in touch with reality
  • I want to find another job
  • I am not sure that I am still good enough
  • My boss is not practical and calculated and is an airy fairy thinker

These pressures and challenges of management are universal, yet every individual experiences it in their own unique way. With Management Coaching you’ll learn how to turn this pressure into performance for yourself, as well as bringing out the best in your staff.

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Performance Coaching

Ever had that niggling feeling in the back of your mind that you can do better than what you are at the moment? It happens to most of us – feeling somewhat unfulfilled and unsure of what we can do to push ourselves beyond the constrains of mediocrity into excellence.

Will Performance Coaching lift you to the next level?
If you are asking yourself any of the following questions, it will:

  • This structure is keeping me (or my team) from performing optimally. What can I do?
  • A relationship is limiting my performance – how do I fix this?
  • How can I improve – I want to be the best me?
  • My team is not preforming well – what is the problem?
  • How can I improve my team’s performance?
  • Why is target setting and budgeting such a nightmare?

It is normal for most people to only perform at 50% – 70% of their reasonable natural ability. With the right Performance Coaching, you can eliminate disturbances and mental obstacles in order to increase your natural performance level with at least 10%.

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Professional Coaching

If you own a firm, partnership, practice or other professional service, chances are that you’re working ’professionally alone’. Having a sound board for ideas or share thoughts can help you to clarify your strategy and ease the mental pressure of having sole responsibility.

Ask yourself the following to see if you will benefit from Professional Coaching:

  • As a professional I am task driven and sometimes I struggle to treat my colleagues well
  • I feel alone in my practice
  • My clients/patients are not reasonable
  • Sometimes, my partner/associate and I don’t see eye to eye
  • I am afraid that technological advancements will leave me behind

As a professional business owner you carry great responsibility – not only towards yourself, but also towards your partners, your employees and their dependants. With the right coaching, you will be able to channel this pressure into productive energy.

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Team Coaching

A great team, albeit in sport or business, is only as strong as the collective efforts of its individual members. Any team has room for improvement, and we can help yours to take its performance to the next level.

Will your team benefit from coaching?

  • We struggle to create cohesion in our team
  • We battle to formulate and stick to a team strategy
  • Our team acts more like a group of individuals than a team
  • Our team lacks motivation
  • We have all the talent we need, but we fail to convert it into solutions
  • Working together always creates non-productive tension

Team coaching tends to take away disturbances and improve focus. It highlights necessary changes and motivates individual members. Effective team coaching can change attitudes and improve performance.

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