Conflict Management

Conflict between people, teams, businesses and their clients is a common occurrence. Conflict can often be positive and constructive, as it reflects normal tension between different interests and tend to bring out the best in people.

Some forms of conflict however, are destructive and non-productive. In many instances, these types of conflict potentially risks an organisation’s reputation, client relations and also lead to individuals and/or teams losing focus and performing below their potential – to the absolute detriment of the organisation or individual’s interest.

The process of Conflict Management implies the identification of destructive and non-productive conflict, analysis of the causes and severity thereof and the formulation of an action plan to address the situation.

This process will normally bring about improved cohesion, improved personal fulfilment and happiness for individuals and improve the bottom-line of the organisation.

The unique approach here consists of the identification of the facts, the recognition of the facts by all parties and the creation of consensus by reconstructing the status.

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