Team building – Camp Moon™

Camp Moon™ is an exclusive team and trust building exercise with a difference…
Camp Moon™ takes place in a relaxed, yet professional atmosphere and is built on proven tactics to deliver a unique approach to team building – guaranteed to leave your troops feeling refreshed, motivated and ready for action.

  • A totally unique team experience… including a series of pleasant surprises!
  • Structured within scheduled environmental and social interaction
  • Constant, meaningful team interaction
  • Relaxing, yet challenging team experience
  • Taking team loyalty and respect to a new level
  • Preparing your team for new challenges and performance
  • Sensitising team members for a chosen profile of quality/values/culture
  • Naturally enhancing senior leadership positioning
  • Can be utilised as a form of recognition for team members
  • Versatile/uniquely tailored to fit your preference and target

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