“The time spent with Pieter was time spent fruitfully whilst working towards my future goals. I’ve been to the future and back during the sessions and the resolutions taken provided a distinct compass for the road to significance I have chosen to travel!”
MD of Media House

“Pieter has successfully helped me to identify and focus on the major issues disturbing my professional life. Our sessions together provided me with clear guidance and a realistic approach. This was a timely intervention and has added a lot of value to me.”
Executive Director – Corporate in the RSA Food value chain

“I experienced Pieter as very professional but with a warm approach. The areas addressed and challenges identified were handled perfectly – Thank you so much – I know exactly what I need to do to change my life and have already started implementing the action plan.”
Marketing executive

“I thought I knew what the major stumbling blocks in my career were but only after a few sessions with Pieter I discovered the detail of my limitations. I also discovered the real impact of these realities on my life and my professional performance. The sessions with Pieter lead me to firm decisions to change my life and I am already enjoying tangible benefits from executing my decisions.”
Regional manager – Well known enterprise in the tourist industry

“We had one short session. Pieter asked me a few questions and everything became clear to me. The distraction of not dealing with important issues disappeared. I could take a decision, act on it and finalise an important matter in my career. Thanks Pieter – you made it look so simple!”
Operations Manager

“Successful sessions! – provided clarity on my life issues and facilitated my related decisions for change in my life”.
General Manager of corporate in SA food value chain

“My sessions with Pieter helped me to identify the major issues keeping me from functioning optimally as a professional and a MBA student. I got perspective on these issues and was able to isolate them, enabling me to take life changing decisions. As I discovered the importance of these disturbances I took personal ownership of and responsibility for executing my decisions.”
Professional and MBA student

“I found the sessions with Pieter absolutely rewarding and useful. Not only was Pieter totally tuned in through his rapport and listening skills, he also worked with me to identify my real problems, facilitated my own solutions to the problems and inspired me to take action. This was done not only to solve my problems but also to support my personal development – Thank you Pieter”.
Management executive – Consulting firm in the telecommunication sector

“I used Pieter as a sound board for my business ideas and although he is not a specialist in my industry at all, his coaching skills challenged me on all levels and provided me with a clear view on my options and eventually with the opportunity to take good decisions. This was powerful and extremely valuable”
Executive Director of processor of agricultural commodities

“My unfounded perceptions causing tension with my CEO were exposed in my second meeting with Pieter. With this new knowledge he facilitated me in taking cognitive decisions, changing preconceived views and immediately improving my relation with my CEO. This caused a chain reaction of improved relations and increased productivity. The coaching sessions changed my professional life”.
General Manager – Service Company