Meet Coach Pieter

Experience and education

With vast experience in the corporate world, Coach Pieter has a MCom – Economics degree and 13 years of senior executive management experience behind him.

As an entrepreneur, Pieter was involved in the establishment and management of various businesses in South Africa, Africa and even a multinational joint-venture.

As a senior executive I was always exposed to different boards of directors – in many instances as a representative of senior management, as board member and in some instances as chairman. This gave me valuable experience in the field of good corporate governance as well as strategic thinking and leadership.

Pieter’s passion for personal development drove him to complete a number of courses from various globally recognised institutions like the Harvard Business School, London Business School, Henley Business School as well as Wits Business School.

I believe that exposure to different cultures and geographies is a prerequisite for a deeper understanding of people, teams and cultures. Therefore I travelled extensively across the US, Europe, Africa and parts of Asia.

Why I became a Coach

I’ve always loved working and interacting with people. I firmly believe that people are generally rational and aspirational. Inherently, they want to succeed, they want to grow to their full potential and they want to make a difference in this world.

Most people, however, experience hurdles or disturbances in achieving these ambitions. Over time, I realised that true human understanding and respect open people to the necessary facilitation needed to address these obstacles.

In discovering this, I also discovered my real intrinsic passion – to make my experience available in a facilitating capacity so that I could assist both individuals and teams to discover their individual solution, grow and develop to their full potential.

As a coach I fully understand and respect my responsibility regarding coahees and therefore I exposed myself to relevant university training, I formally subjected myself to the ethical codes of various credible industry bodies like Comensa and the ICF and I am also subjected to formal structured supervision.

The processes of coaching, mentoring, mediation and facilitation often demand multi-disciplinary skills. Therefore we entered into association agreements with experts in numerous disciplines to ensure a full and all-inclusive service to our clients.

Our service proposition is fully supported by specialised skills from the fields of industrial psychology, finance, law, organisation development, human resources, coaching and training.